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Villeneuve Litigation manages most employment legal questions from either employers or employees. The firm manages the employment relationship throughout or acts as a resource on an as needed basis. The firm knows how to navigate the employment relationship to ensure clarity and reduce employment disputes.

Wrongful Termination  | Ottawa Employment Lawyer

Ending the Employment Relationship

Wrongful termination cases can often be very contentious. Your employer will likely do everything they can to justify firing you, including hiring a team of lawyers to defend their actions and to avoid paying you the compensation you deserve. Villeneuve Litigation puts in the necessary time to research your case and investigate your claim to be prepared to represent you in court.

Types of Wrongful Termination Cases Villeneuve Litigation Handles

Wrongful termination cases come in many forms. Mainly, disputes arise when the employer does not give sufficient notice or terminates the employee for unjust reasons. The unjust reason could be:

Employer retaliation – Firing someone in response to something they did at work like filing a harassment complaint.
Discrimination – Terminating someone’s job on the basis of discrimination.
Whistleblower cases – Firing someone for filing a whistleblower complaint.
Insufficient Notice Claim: Firing someone without notice. 

How to Know if You Are Entitled to Damages?

A good employment lawyer will give you the pros and cons of bringing an action against your employer. Filing a law suit is not always in your best interest depending on the circumstances of your case. Damages may be limited by your retention of new employment and employment insurance benefits obtained. Damages are often based on the age of the employee, years of service, employment position, compensation/salary, and the severity of the employers breach of contract. 

How Much is Your Claim Worth?

No lawyer in Ontario can guarantee a specific outcome for your case. It is important to know that there are numerous factors that will influence whether your claim is successful and the amount of compensation you ultimately recover.

Those factors include:

The costs of getting or finding another job; 
The loss of pension benefits; 
The loss of a bonus;
The costs of legal representation; 
The anticipated time it will take to find another job; and
Your ability to mitigate or "make-up" for income lost during your claim. 

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